Putting Your Text Ads on Top Search Engines

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Rise to the Top

Appear in the Top Spots of Major Search Engines

Discover our optimized search advertising campaign benefits:

  • There are 1,000+ keywords based on your business category and geographic area to help potential customers see your ads.
  • Our experts utilize historical data from over several million campaigns, allowing us to know which are the best keywords for your business category.
  • Our robust, extensive network covers 98% of search engines people most commonly use, as well as hundreds of local directories and specialty sites.
  • Our experts analyze your campaign daily to maximize results.
  • To help you save your marketing dollars, we automatically shift your budget to keywords and sites that work best for your company and give you more cost-effective conversions.
  • We optimize your campaign based on true conversions, not clicks, so you get more from your investment over time.
  • You get access to all calls, emails and form submissions generated so you always know how your campaign is performing.
  • Get access to audio recordings of phone calls to easily classify leads.
  • We offer you transparent ROI so you can see the ROI on your marketing efforts – available 24/7.
  • We provide online marketing expertise and guidance to help you every step of the way.

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53% of small to medium-sized businesses optimize their search campaigns one time per quarter – we optimize ours every hour!

Here's What We Do

How do we bring all this data together to help you?

Simple: We take this information and combine it into a lead-generating platform specific to you.

Step 1

First, we select 1,000+ keywords based on your business type and geographic location.

Step 2

Next, our specialists create best-practice text ads and review campaign settings regularly.

Step 3

Once designed, we use top search engine publishing technology to deliver your ads across tons of publishers.

Step 4

Then, we capture leads (recorded calls and emails) so you can classify and respond.

Step 5

Finally, our specialists weigh daily your results and shift your campaign to keep your budget cost-effective and results growing.


Every package is unique to your needs. Combine other services and save!

+ Keywords Spend
$99 One-time setup fee
Brand Boost
+ Keywords Spend1
20% Discount
Company Reviews
Power Boost
+ Keywords Spend2
34% Discount
Company Reviews
Local SEO

1 $159.00 setup fee
2 $249.00 setup fee